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JRoberts Defence X1M Ring Mount

Jroberts Defence proudly presents the latest addition to its high-caliber products – the Pro-Series 1M Ring Mount. Engineered with the same dedication to quality and performance that's made our brand a trusted name in defence manufacturing, this model sets new standards for reliability and operational efficiency.

Main Features:Diameter: The 1-meter diameter of this ring mount allows for a wide range of weaponry compatibility, affording flexibility and adaptability in the field.Construction: Fabricated using high-grade, military-spec steel, the X1M Ring Mount delivers superior resilience under harsh conditions, ensuring durability and a long lifespan even with constant use.

Load Capacity: With a robust design that can withstand a maximum load of 600 kg, this ring mount offers exceptional stability and strength.

Mounting System: This model features a universal mounting system, providing compatibility with various manned turrets and weapons systems.

Rotation: The X1M Ring Mount is equipped with a smooth, 360-degree rotation mechanism, enabling swift and precise targeting adjustments. Its rotation speed can be adjusted, offering the operator control and precision.

Installation: Quick and easy to install with minimal tools required, this mount is designed for efficient assembly and disassembly in the field.

Maintenance: Its low-maintenance design reduces the overall operating cost, while its readily available spare parts ensure minimal downtime.

Environmental Ratings: The X1M Ring Mount is fully sealed and protected against dust, water, and extreme weather conditions, meeting IP68 standards.

Safety: This ring mount adheres to the highest safety standards, including ISO 9001:2015 and MIL-STD-810G, ensuring secure operation in the most demanding environments.

Warranty: The product comes with a standard one year warranty, affirming Jroberts Defence's confidence in the quality and reliability of our products.The X1M Ring Mount combines robust design, superior performance, and ease of use, providing the security and reliability you expect from a leading defence manufacturer. This versatile mount is an essential component for any high-performance weapons system.

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