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In The News: JRoberts Defence Announces Award from Canadian Department of National DefenceRepair of

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

JRoberts is pleased to announce a contract award from the Canadian Department of National

Defence (DND) for the repair of its Light Support Vehicle (LSVW) engines. The work will be

performed in the North York, Ontario, Canada facility recognized as the Centre of Excellence

for the repair of DND Mercedes Benz G-Wagon vehicles.

“We remain focused on providing DND with exceptional repair / maintenance services through

the optimization of our processes, skills, experience and dedication to a positive customer

experience. Our company culture is customer focused and we look forward to the successful

support of this award” said John Gagliardi, President of JRoberts Defence.

About JRoberts Defence

JRoberts Defence is a leader in the In-Service-Support (ISS) of military land vehicles through

fourth (4th) line maintenance. Serving the industry for more than 14 years, JRoberts has driven

excellence through investment in its internal processes, its people and capabilities that include

manufacturing of parts to support the repair process. Its approach for integrated ISS for land

vehicles that combines engineering, maintenance, program management, supply chain

management and logistics continues to evolve and of increasing benefit to its customers.

For more information about JRoberts Defence, visit its website at

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