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Engineering // Design  // Manufacturing

                                               extensive manufacturing operations enable us to deliver millions of components, covering a wide range of products, from body, chassis, and exteriors to seating, powertrain, electronics, and more. Reputed car manufacturers, specialised dealers, and niche market specialists rely on our experience and comprehensive know-how for their automotive engineering and production needs.


Our in-house manufacturing and production capabilities allow us to control quality and on-time delivery for contract manufacturing. Capabilities include small to large-scale production of components, assemblies, and finished products. Our commitment to vertical integration allows us to control over planning, tooling, scheduling, and testing, ensuring that all our products are quality controlled and meet the most rigorous standards. We are committed to providing the best defense solutions and are consistently innovating to remain a force in all aspects of our field.

A sample of our vast capabilities  include:

  • Simultaneous machining over 5-axis capacity

  • Metal & composite manufacturing

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Robotic welding

  • Heavy Diesel & automotive mechanical services

  • Laser, waterjet, and fabric cutting

  • Vacuum & mechanical pressing

  • Electric & mechanical assembly

  • Finishing/Paining/CARC

  • Wire harness & panel manufacturing

Our model-based design and engineering approach has proven to be the most effective method of full project delivery. This holistic approach allows technicians and project managers to collaborate and use data throughout the entire process from inspection to service and repair. 


We have over 50,000 square feet of production space utilizing CNC and Robotic machining and fabrication with a wide array of suppliers. It encompasses in-house 3D printing capabilities, on-demand 3D scanning, and 3D modeling to spec. Jroberts' specialties include all electrical and mechanical systems and components.

Engineering & Design 

                                          experience in engineering and project management lends itself to our large-scale manufacturing, prefabrication, and production procedures. Build-to-print, designed, engineered, and manufactured; our control over production enables us to ensure that specified technical requirements are exceedingly met.

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