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Cutting-Edge Solutions

Our team of skilled Vehicle Technicians excels in maintaining, repairing, and overhauling ground vehicles and related major equipment. With unparalleled technical expertise in mechanical repair, electrical wiring, weapons station, and major component repair, we have developed innovative processes that improve the performance and reliability of military land vehicles.

Reputed Manufacturers & Niche Specialists

Our extensive manufacturing operations enable us to deliver millions of components, covering a wide range of products, from body, chassis, and exteriors to seating, powertrain, electronics, and more. Reputed car manufacturers, specialised dealers, and niche market specialists rely on our experience and comprehensive know-how for their automotive engineering and production needs.

ISO9001 Quality System 

At Jroberts Defence, quality is paramount. Our ISO9001 quality system is designed to deliver superior original quality for the spare parts market, consistently meeting the highest standards. Customer satisfaction is our driving force, and we take pride in exceeding expectations with every project we handle.


We are experts in Repair Materiel Account (RMA) & Contractor Repair Parts Account (CRPA) management, providing cost-effective solutions that save our clients, including the DND, money. Our comprehensive understanding of repair, overhaul, interchangeability, serviceable condition, reliability, and maintainability aligns perfectly with the needs of the defence industry.

We take pride in our experienceable service quality, efficient handling, and state-of-the-art service. Our technicians have a deep technical expertise of military vehicles and are prepared to repair,  modify, and integrate equipment to meet customer specifications.


                                                  Defence is the center of excellence for the repair and maintenance of the Canadian LUVW G-Wagons. Integrating its technical repair expertise along with superb engineering to embody modifications into the G-Wagon light utility vehicle,  JRoberts' unique in-depth knowledge ensures fully compliant maintenance within all aspects of defence industry standards.


Discriminating features:

  •  In-house manufacturing of parts to support the repair process – reduces costs and waiting time

  • Professional Engineers that support the repair process and design modifications as requested

  • Highly qualified repair technicians with vast knowledge in this specialty ​

  • Robust supply chain to ensure an uninterrupted repair process

  • Obsolescence management to ensure extended life of your vehicle​

  • Life Cycle analysis capabilities to support your vehicle throughout its life


  • Fleet lifetime management



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