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Naisc 811113 LUVW Military Vehicle Overhaul

Jroberts Defence is a privately held, Canadian corporation that values its partnerships with the DND and prime contractors. Our goal is to make an impact by contributing to the advancement of defence capabilities and the achievement of mission objectives through exceptional service and quality products. At Jroberts Defence, we are dedicated to driving innovation, enhancing performance, and making an impact on our nation's defence.

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Jroberts Defence Canada Our Team

Positive Work Culture

                                                                core values are centered around creating an inclusive workplace that prioritizes the wellbeing of our employees. We provide support at all levels within the organization, and have policies in place that encourage growth and a provide a sense of purpose.  Strong teamwork and morale shows a direct correlation to the overall productivity and efficiency in our work. The culture at JRoberts is rooted in fostering growth and development in a supportive environment for our employees, to  ensure they unlock their greatest potential.

Who We Are

Naisc 811113 LUVW Military Vehicle Overhaul
naisc 493190 541420 Engineering Manufacturing Canada

                                                                leads the way in military land vehicle support and engineering solutions. Our specialised fourth line repair and overhaul facility, complemented by sister companies with extensive manufacturing capabilities, enables us to address the challenges of maintaining the ageing Canadian Army fleet. Our tailored solutions enhance reliability, address obsolescence, and optimise resources for effective modernization, ensuring serviceable vehicles & major components are available and operate at peak performance to secure mission success.


John Gagliardi


Canada's 4th Line Trusted Repair Partner

Canadian Military Trusted Partner

For over 15 years, Jroberts Defence has been a world-class leader in providing exceptional in-service support (ISS) to the Department of National Defense (DND) and prime contractors within the defence industry. Our journey began with a vision to redefine the standards of military land vehicle repair and overhaul, and we have since established an unwavering commitment to excellence and technical expertise.  JRoberts Defense is an active member of CADSI & Defense Ontario and operates caters to the R&O of defense contracts. 


Audited by the ISO 901 every year, we provide complete transparency of our work. 

Who We Serve

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